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Proud Gubbi Gubbi Paramedic Making Waves in Healthcare Sector during NAIDOC Week



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Ambulance Victoria celebrates the inspiring journey of Steph O’Connor, a dedicated Gubbi Gubbi paramedic, as NAIDOC Week kicks off. O’Connor’s commitment to bridging healthcare gaps in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is commendable. She serves as a vital member of Ambulance Victoria’s Reconciliation Working Group, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to fostering relationships with Indigenous peoples.

From a young age, Steph O’Connor aspired to be a paramedic, enduring personal challenges to realize her dream. Raised in foster care, she pursued her passion for healthcare while managing the responsibilities of raising four children. O’Connor’s determination reflects her desire to not only fulfill her own goals but also positively impact her community.

Steph O’Connor highlights the importance of cultural connections in her work, noting the trust and openness she builds with Indigenous patients by sharing her own heritage. NAIDOC Week, a time to honor and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, is significant for O’Connor as she shares stories, history, and resilience with her community.

The theme of this year’s NAIDOC Week, ‘Keep the fire burning! Blak, loud and proud,’ symbolizes the enduring spirit of First Nations communities. O’Connor emphasizes the strength and beauty of Indigenous culture, emphasizing the unity and pride that emerges during gatherings and cultural exchanges.

As a member of Ambulance Victoria’s Reconciliation Working Group, Steph O’Connor plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Her dedication to healthcare equity and community empowerment resonates during this special week of recognition and celebration.

Rachel Adams

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