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Robert Irwin Faces Backlash Over Threat to Sue Pauline Hanson for Depiction in Cartoon



Robert Irwin Faces Backlash Over Threat To Sue Pauline Hanson For Depiction In Cartoon

Robert Irwin, the son of the late Steve Irwin, has sparked controversy after his lawyer, Zoe Naylor, sent a cease and desist letter to One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson over his depiction in a satirical cartoon series.

In the cartoon titled ‘The State of Queensland’, Irwin’s likeness was featured alongside the popular children’s character Bluey, critiquing their involvement in a state tourism campaign.

Despite the legal threats, Irwin’s fans have criticized his approach, urging him to ‘get over the cartoon’ and highlighting the satirical nature of such content, citing examples like South Park.

The dispute escalated as Irwin’s lawyer demanded the removal of the video by a certain deadline, alleging defamation and unauthorized use of Irwin’s image.

Hanson’s legal team fired back, refuting the claims and asserting that the cartoon was a humorous critique of the Queensland State Government, not a defamation of Irwin.

Despite the legal back-and-forth, the video remains active on social media platforms, prompting discussions on free speech, satire, and the boundaries of political commentary.

As the controversy continues, both parties have stood their ground, with Hanson refusing to take down the video and Irwin maintaining his stance on protecting his image and brand.

Rachel Adams

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