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Tourists Face Sunbed Shortage on Majorca Beaches Despite High Season



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As the summer holiday season unfolds on the picturesque island of Majorca, tourists are met with unexpected challenges as three renowned beaches – Cala San Vicenc, Albercuix, and Tamarells in Pollensa – are notably lacking sunbeds and umbrellas, much to the dismay of local hoteliers and businesses.

Jaume Salas, the president of the hotel association in Pollensa, has expressed deep concerns over the delayed authorization for essential beach services. He highlighted that many beachgoers have diverted to the neighboring Alcudia for the comprehensive amenities it offers, leaving families and older visitors seeking the comfort of sunbeds and shade.

The issues at these beaches have brought attention to Pollensa’s mayor, Marti March, who is actively working to streamline the bureaucratic hurdles. Salas mentioned, “[Marti March] is aware of the situation and has shown very good predisposition. The mayor has shown us his support and is doing everything possible to expedite the procedures.”

Receiving authorization for beach services in Pollensa is a recurring bureaucratic process that occurs every four years, involving a fee to the Balearic government’s coasts department. However, a recent failed tender due to a sharp 130% fee hike forced Pollensa to reevaluate their pricing, consequently leading to limited competition.

The Port Resident Association (AVP), a longstanding recipient of the tender for nearly four decades, has applied and is expected to secure the contract due to the lack of competitive bids. If paperwork is in order and processes run smoothly, the situation should be resolved promptly.

While awaiting the resolution, the absence of proper beach services not only deters tourists but also leaves 24 staff members without income as they eagerly wait for the contract award. Council insiders have indicated that preparatory work on the beaches will commence soon, with plans to swiftly install sunbeds and umbrellas once the contract is finalized.

Simultaneously, as the sunbed shortage issue unfolds, tourists across Majorca are being cautioned about the dangers of ‘rip currents’. Just last week, emergency services conducted a rescue operation for five individuals caught in these powerful tidal flows, emphasizing the crucial role of lifeguards in such situations.

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