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Two Mexican-American Singers’ Stars Vandalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame



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The iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame recently witnessed a distressing series of events as the stars honoring two beloved Mexican-American singers, Selena Quintanilla and Jenni Rivera, were vandalized within a span of 24 hours. These unfortunate incidents not only shocked fans worldwide but also highlighted the need for greater vigilance in protecting these symbols of cultural recognition.

The first star belonging to Jenni Rivera, widely known as ‘La Diva de la Banda,’ was defaced with black paint, leading to an outpouring of support from devoted followers who took it upon themselves to clean up the star. A similar fate befell the star dedicated to Selena Quintanilla, the queen of Tejano music, adding to the sense of outrage and sadness among those who hold these artists dear.

Ana Martinez, the vice president of media and talent relations at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, promptly reported the incidents to the authorities and initiated cleanup efforts. Despite the vandalism, fans and community members rallied together to restore the stars, demonstrating their unwavering admiration for the singers’ legacies.

While addressing the disheartening turn of events, Jacqie Campos, the daughter of Jenni Rivera, expressed deep disappointment over the repeated acts of vandalism. She emphasized the importance of preserving her mother’s memory and honoring her significant contributions to music and the community, calling for a greater understanding of the emotional impact caused by such actions.

Marisela Santana, a staunch supporter of Jenni Rivera who attended the star dedication ceremony, emphasized that the defacement did not dim the singer’s brilliance and resilience. She highlighted the meaningfulness of the stars on the Walk of Fame as not just individual accolades but as communal symbols representing cultural pride and achievement.

The incidents have stirred both outrage and unity among fans and advocates of cultural recognition. Julie Vasquez, Rivera’s longtime assistant, drew parallels between the vandalism and the challenges Rivera faced during her lifetime, noting that such tribulations only serve to strengthen the legacy of the artists who inspire millions around the world.

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