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Veteran Sun Columnist Trevor Kavanagh Announces Retirement After Decades of Service



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Veteran journalist Trevor Kavanagh has declared his retirement from his long-standing role as a columnist for The Sun after years of dedicated service. Kavanagh, who has been a prominent figure in political journalism, expressed his intention to step down following his final regular column.

In his parting column, Kavanagh took a critical stance on Keir Starmer‘s administration, referring to it as a ‘loveless landslide’ government formed by only about 20% of the adult population. He emphasized that his decision to retire was not due to sour grapes, acknowledging that his generation had benefited greatly.

Kavanagh’s career at The Sun began in 1980 when he served as the industrial correspondent before transitioning to the role of political editor in 1983. He later became an associate editor of the newspaper after the 2005 general election.

During his tenure at The Sun, Kavanagh played a significant role in pivotal events, including the revelation of the official inquiry findings into the death of Ministry of Defence employee David Kelly. This inquiry was initiated after Kelly was identified as a source for quotes used by BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan in reports concerning allegations of the Blair government misleading the public over the Iraq war.

Moreover, Kavanagh was a vocal critic of Operation Elveden, a police operation that resulted in the arrest of more than 20 Sun journalists on charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office. Despite facing internal challenges within his own employer, Kavanagh defended press freedoms and journalists’ rights when the operation was at its peak.

His bold stance during this period was lauded by his colleagues, including Fergus Shanahan, who applauded Kavanagh’s unwavering support for a free press. Kavanagh’s advocacy for press freedom became a defining moment, influencing the broader journalistic community and underlining the importance of protecting journalistic integrity in society.

Furthermore, Kavanagh’s career was marked by personal and professional challenges, including the loss of his close friend and colleague, John Kay, who shared Kavanagh’s commitment to journalistic ethics and principles.

Colleagues and peers in the industry have paid tribute to Kavanagh’s outstanding contributions to political journalism, with former Sun editor David Yelland hailing him as the ‘greatest political editor of his era’. Piers Morgan, a former colleague from The Sun, described Kavanagh as a ‘brilliant’ journalist and one of the eminent figures in Fleet Street.

Kavanagh’s retirement marks the end of an era in political journalism, leaving a legacy of journalistic excellence and unwavering dedication to upholding press freedoms and journalistic integrity.

Rachel Adams

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