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Wild Wild Punjab: A Cultural Parody Gone Wrong



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Director Simarpreet Singh takes on a comedic journey in ‘Wild Wild Punjab,’ a film that attempts to reclaim light-hearted stereotypes through a Fukrey-esque treatment of modern Punjabi society. Collaborating with writers Luv Ranjan, Sandeep Jain, and Harman Wadala, the movie dives into a whirlwind of cultural parodies gone awry.

In this comedy, we witness characters like Rajesh Khanna (Varun Sharma) on the verge of suicide, a playboy Maan Arora (Sunny Singh) with questionable views on women, and Gaurav Jain (Jassie Gill) amid family chaos and accidental marriage. Alongside them are Patralekhaa Paul, Ishita Raj, and Anjum Batra, adding their own flair to the madcap plot.

‘Wild Wild Punjab’ doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, using them as joke fodder. From suicides and misogyny to violence and dysfunctional families, the film peppers these themes with an intent to entertain, albeit missing the mark on humor and execution.

The narrative unfolds in a series of outlandish events – a toll-booth brawl culminating in fiery antics, a wedding crash mission with a twist, and a subplot involving drug dealers and the police, all woven into a fabric of chaotic Punjabiyat.

Despite the film’s attempt to infuse humor into societal issues, ‘Wild Wild Punjab’ struggles to strike a balance between comedy and cultural commentary. The mishmash of themes and stereotypes dilutes the intended impact, leaving viewers with a perplexing mix of laughter and discomfort.

Rachel Adams

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