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Woman Opens Fire at Texas Megachurch of Pastor Joel Osteen, Two Injured



Woman Opens Fire At Texas Megachurch Of Pastor Joel Osteen, Two Injured

A woman entered the megachurch of Pastor Joel Osteen in Houston, Texas on Sunday afternoon and opened fire, creating chaos among worshippers. The incident, which occurred between services at the renowned Lakewood Church, resulted in two individuals being injured, including a five-year-old child.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that the woman, dressed in a trench coat, entered the church premises with a long gun. In response, two off-duty officers engaged with the shooter, ultimately leading to her death. The young boy accompanying the woman was critically injured and hospitalized.

Chief Finner mentioned that it was unclear whether the child was hit by the officers’ gunfire. Another man, aged 57, sustained a gunshot wound to the hip but is reported to be in stable condition after the incident at the megachurch, known for attracting thousands of worshippers weekly.

Joel Osteen, the celebrity pastor of the church, appeared alongside law enforcement in a news conference, expressing devastation at the event. He highlighted the potential for the situation to have been far worse if it had taken place during the larger service earlier in the day.

Witnesses recounted hearing multiple gunshots just before the Spanish language service was scheduled to commence. Christina Rodriguez, present during the shooting, described the panic that ensued as worshippers sought safety within the church premises.

Following the shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott extended condolences to those affected by the tragedy at the Lakewood Church, emphasizing the sanctity of places of worship. Authorities conducted a thorough search of the area amid reports of a possible bomb threat, which later proved unfounded.

The incident at the prominent megachurch triggered an evacuation, with worshippers exiting the building under police guidance. A reunification center was set up at a nearby gym to assist individuals in reconnecting with their loved ones.

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