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World Bank and LinkedIn Partner to Address Green Skills Gap



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The World Bank and LinkedIn have forged a collaboration to tackle the growing green skills gap in the global workforce. The initiative aims to address the critical need for skills that support environmental sustainability across various economic sectors. From solar energy to manufacturing, green skills are becoming increasingly vital for a successful transition to a green economy.

Manik, a solar pump operator working for Nusra in Rohertek, Bangladesh, illustrates the practical application of green skills in the field. With the increase in job postings requiring green skills outpacing the growth of available talent, the partnership between the World Bank and LinkedIn comes at a crucial time.

In a recent podcast episode, Ashish Khanna from the World Bank shared insights on skill sets essential for youth to compete for future green jobs. As the transition away from fossil fuels gains momentum, projections suggest that up to 30 million new green jobs could be created globally by 2030.

LinkedIn is providing valuable data on green talent in the workforce to assist policymakers in making informed decisions on public investments and programs. The International Monetary Fund is also leveraging this data to explore the resilience of green jobs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and develop strategies for economic recovery.

Additionally, IYF and the Mexican National Auto Parts Industry Association are collaborating to identify critical skills for electric vehicle production and measure their prevalence in the Mexican labor market. The Inter-American Development Bank’s Gender and Diversity Lab is focusing on opportunities in the green economy for women and comparing regional trends with global patterns.

By leveraging this partnership and its data resources, the World Bank seeks to drive the green transition forward and support the development of sustainable, green skills across industries.

Rachel Adams

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