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AFL Stars Enter the Ring: The Gathering Delivers Thrilling Boxing Event



A thrilling night of boxing unfolded as former AFL stars showcased their skills at The Gathering event in Adelaide. The star-studded card featured familiar names such as Dane Swan, Kane Cornes, Nathan Brown, Dale Thomas, Anthony Rocca, Corey McKernan, Mitch Robinson, and Kayne Pettifer. The highlight of the event was the world title fight between Jackson England and Jamel Herring.

Anthony Rocca made a powerful statement with his impressive boxing debut, landing a decisive left hand on Corey McKernan to secure victory. Rocca’s sportsmanship shone through as he held McKernan up after the fight-ending punch, emphasizing respect and camaraderie in the ring.

Boxing legend Danny Green commended Rocca’s class and grace, highlighting the mutual respect and sportsmanship displayed during the intense matchups. The event showcased not just athleticism, but also the values of sportsmanship and mutual admiration among competitors.

Nathan Brown and Kane Cornes engaged in a fierce battle, with Brown emerging as the unanimous winner after four hard-fought rounds. Despite the animosity often associated with their on-screen personas, the duo displayed courage and skill in the ring, earning applause for their efforts.

Dane Swan impressed in his boxing debut, landing significant punches on former teammate Dale Thomas. Swan’s relaxed demeanor and dedication to training were evident as he secured a comprehensive points victory, highlighting the camaraderie and mutual respect shared among the athletes.

Joe Ageli and Alex Leapai Jr’s matchup ended in a controversial decision, with Leapai Jr declared the winner in his professional boxing debut. Despite differing opinions from commentators, the fighters exhibited sportsmanship and mutual appreciation for the challenges they faced in the ring.

Throughout the event, notable matchups such as Sergei Vorobev vs. Wes Capper and Jack Brubaker vs. In Duck Seo captivated the audience with their skill and resilience. The electrifying atmosphere and competitive spirit at The Gathering underscored the enduring appeal of combat sports.

As the night culminated in the intense world title fight between Jamel Herring and Jackson England, fans were treated to a spectacle of athleticism and determination. The event not only showcased the talent of the participants but also celebrated the values of sportsmanship and mutual respect in the world of professional boxing.

Rachel Adams

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