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Daughter of Floreat Killer Speaks Out Against Police Response to Domestic Violence Threats



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The daughter of a man who committed a double murder in Floreat, Perth, has come forward to criticize the police response to domestic violence threats. Ariel Bombara, the daughter of Mark Bombara and the former partner of a friend, has spoken out about the failures that led to the tragic deaths of Jennifer Petelczyc and her daughter, Gretl.

Ariel revealed that she and her mother had contacted the police multiple times to warn them about the imminent threat posed by her father, Mark Bombara. Despite their efforts to seek help, their pleas were ignored, ultimately resulting in the devastating loss of two lives.

Following the incident, Ariel recounted reaching out to the police on three separate occasions between March and April, expressing their fears and concerns about Mark Bombara’s possession of guns. Despite their explicit warnings, the response from the authorities was deemed inadequate by Ariel.

Police Commissioner Col Blanch has acknowledged the need for an internal investigation in response to Ariel’s claims. He expressed deep sadness over the tragic events and emphasized the importance of improving police protocols to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Ariel lamented the failures of the system to protect her and her mother from the escalating threat posed by her father. She highlighted the need for systemic changes to better support and safeguard victims of domestic violence.

In the aftermath of the killings, Ariel urged for greater attention to be given to the broader issue of domestic violence in Australia. She emphasized the need for proactive measures and improved response mechanisms to prevent such tragedies from recurring.

WA Police Minister Paul Papalia noted that Mark Bombara was licensed to own multiple guns and had no prior convictions. The tragic incident has reignited discussions around gun laws and the need for enhanced protections for victims of domestic violence.

As Ariel continues to advocate for systemic changes and greater support for domestic violence victims, she hopes that the legacy of her father’s actions will prompt meaningful reforms to prevent future tragedies.

Rachel Adams

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