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DOJ’s Disruptive Technology Strike Force Achieves Major Milestones in National Security



Doj's Disruptive Technology Strike Force Achieves Major Milestones In National Security

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced significant accomplishments by its Disruptive Technology Strike Force in addressing national security concerns related to technology theft. The Strike Force, in collaboration with the Commerce Department, has made substantial progress in countering adversaries attempting to misuse advanced technology against the United States.

Gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, the Strike Force comprises top technology experts from various governmental agencies including the National Security Division, FBI, Department of Homeland Security (HSI), Department of Defense, and designated U.S. Attorneys’ Offices. The team also includes industry leaders, private sector professionals, and experts from research institutions and universities.

Over the last year, the Strike Force has achieved several key milestones. They have successfully apprehended more than a dozen corporate executives, engineers, distributors, and other high-profile targets involved in the unlawful transfer of sensitive information and technology. These individuals will now face criminal charges in U.S. courts, including allegations of sanctions and export control violations.

In addition to the arrests, the Strike Force has imposed denial orders on 29 businesses, including defense companies, airlines, and freight forwarders. This action prevents them from accessing U.S. technology. The team’s investigations have also led to the expansion of Commerce Department’s Entity List and Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List.

The Strike Force has actively collaborated with international partners to combat the evolving threat landscape. Through increased cooperation, they have implemented technology protection measures and shared crucial information about key threat actors.

Locally, the Strike Force has expanded by incorporating interagency partners and enforcement teams from additional U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, as well as Defense Criminal Investigative Services. These efforts have strengthened the Strike Force’s ability to address national security concerns effectively.

The DOJ also acknowledges the essential role played by its private sector and research institution partners. Close collaboration with companies involved in export-controlled items and leading universities in technology research and development has been crucial in countering technology theft.

The DOJ commends the leadership of Assistant Attorney General Matt Olsen from the National Security Division and Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Matt Axelrod from the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security. Their instrumental efforts have facilitated the establishment of a broad coalition of partners within the United States and abroad.

In November, Olsen and Axelrod traveled to Ukraine to bolster efforts in curbing the illegal flow of advanced technology to Russia. The Ukrainian delegation joins the gathering in Phoenix to further strengthen global cooperation in combating technology theft.

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