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Chinese Premier Li Qiang Arrives in Canberra Amid Protests and Supporters



Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s arrival in Canberra ahead of talks with Anthony Albanese was marked by both supporters and protesters greeting him as he landed.

Notably, the premier confirmed China‘s decision to lend two new pandas to replace Wang Wang and Fu Ni amidst the broader discussions.

The relationship between Australia and China, according to Premier Li Qiang, is now back on track despite recent challenges.

Prime Minister Albanese is expected to address sensitive issues during the meeting, such as the case of Yang Hengjun and strained military encounters.

Protests against China’s human rights records in territories like Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong were visible during Li’s visit, with demonstrators calling for attention to these pressing concerns.

Li’s lunch with Adelaide winemakers symbolized the positive trade relations, showcasing the recent revival of Australian wine exports to China.

Trade Minister Don Farrell emphasized that Australia had not compromised its stance while fostering trade relationships with China.

Senator Farrell hinted at the potential removal of the remaining trade barriers, including the ban on live Australian rock lobsters.

Li is set to meet with Albanese in Canberra before traveling to Perth for further engagements with business leaders and visits to key projects in the region.

Rachel Adams

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