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Kendrick Lamar Sparks Tension with Drake and J. Cole in New Verse



Kendrick Lamar Sparks Tension With Drake And J. Cole In New Verse

Kendrick Lamar’s verse on the track ‘Like That’ has set the entertainment world abuzz with its pointed shots at fellow rappers Drake and J. Cole. The song, a collaboration between Future and Metro Boomin, has reignited a longstanding tension among the rap titans.

Lamar’s lyrics directly address the idea of ‘The Big 3,’ a term often used to refer to Jay-Z, Drake, and the rapper himself. In his verse, K.Dot dismisses the concept, declaring, ‘Motherf—k the Big 3, it’s just big me.’

He further takes aim at Drake, mentioning the Canadian rapper’s recent album and invoking comparisons to Michael Jackson and Prince. The verse is seen as a direct response to Drake and J. Cole’s track ‘First Person Shooter,’ adding fuel to an already fiery lyrical feud.

While Kendrick Lamar’s verse dominated the weekend’s headlines, other artists made their mark on the R&B and hip-hop scenes. Tyla’s debut studio album, Big Sean’s return with ‘Precision,’ and SiR‘s soulful track ‘Brighter’ all added to the musical landscape.

Forest Claudette, with the single ‘Gold,’ and rising star Bairi, with ‘Come My Way,’ added their unique sounds to the mix. Tyla’s standout single ‘Jump,’ featuring Gunna and Skillibeng, showcased her genre-bending style, blending Afropop, dancehall, and R&B.

Additionally, Big Sean’s ‘Precision’ marked his comeback with a fiery flow, while SiR’s ‘Brighter’ from his album ‘Heavy’ touched upon themes of hope and recovery. Forest Claudette’s ‘Gold’ and Bairi’s seductive ‘Come My Way’ further added depth to the evolving R&B landscape.

As Kendrick Lamar’s verse reverberates through the industry, eyes are on Drake and J. Cole for their response. The intensity of the lyrical rivalry continues to captivate fans, much like the era of Jay-Z and Nas battles of the early 2000s.

Rachel Adams

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