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Simon Harris: Ireland’s Upcoming ‘TikTok Taoiseach’



Simon Harris: Ireland's Upcoming 'tiktok Taoiseach'

After the sudden resignation of Leo Varadkar, Fine Gael’s Simon Harris is poised to become Ireland’s youngest Prime Minister, earning him the nickname ‘TikTok Taoiseach’. At 37, Harris surpasses Varadkar’s age record when assuming office.

Following a swift leadership contest within Fine Gael, Harris emerged as the sole candidate to lead the party, setting the stage for his inevitable ascension to the Prime Minister’s position.

Leo Varadkar’s unexpected exit paved the way for Harris, who has vowed to lead with hard work, humility, and responsibility as he gears up to tackle key issues such as law and order, immigration policies, and combatting populism.

Born in Dublin in 1986 and raised in the coastal town of Greystones, Harris embarked on his political journey at a young age, driven by advocacy for autism services in support of his brother.

Rapidly climbing the political ladder, he became a member of parliament at the age of 24, earning the title ‘Baby of the Dail‘. Appointed as Health Minister at 29, he steered Ireland through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic with his adept communication skills and unwavering commitment.

In his new role as the leader of Fine Gael and prospective Prime Minister, Harris aims to revitalize the party’s standing, which currently trails in polls ahead of upcoming elections.

Highly active on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Harris’s vibrant presence has garnered him a sizable following, with critics dubbing him ‘Leo 2.0’ for his metropolitan style of politics.

His personal life, including his marriage to Caoimhe Wade and their two children, remains a cornerstone of his identity as he prepares to step into the shoes of leadership.

Rachel Adams

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