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Two American Tourists Missing in Separate Incidents in Greece Amid Search for Former Sheriff’s Deputy



The search intensifies in Greece as two American tourists have gone missing in separate incidents, adding to the mounting concerns and uncertainty within the popular travel destination.

Albert Calibet, a retired deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, mysteriously vanished while on vacation in the serene haven of Amorgos. Known for his frequent visits to the island since 2009, Calibet failed to rendezvous with a friend, prompting a missing persons report and sparking a frantic search effort by local authorities and loved ones.

The Municipality of Amorgos disclosed that the 59-year-old Calibet went missing along his usual path from the Asphontylite region towards the village of Katapola. Clad in bermuda shorts and a dark shirt, his disappearance has left family and friends grappling with a growing sense of distress and apprehension.

Meanwhile, a second American tourist has been reported missing in Greece in a separate incident shortly after Calibet’s disappearance. The unidentified man was last seen at a tavern in Mathraki, located west of Corfu Island, where he was accompanied by a friend. The peculiar circumstances of his disappearance, including the open door, illuminated lights, and missing travel documents, have raised questions and deepened the mystery surrounding his whereabouts.

These troubling developments come in the wake of the recent discovery of the body of James Mosley, a British national, in a rugged area on the picturesque Greek island of Symi. Mosley’s tragic fate, succumbing to natural causes during a solitary walk in scorching conditions, serves as a grim reminder of the dangers that lurk amidst the idyllic landscapes of Greece.

As the search for Albert Calibet intensifies and the investigation into the disappearance of the second American tourist unfolds, the interconnected narratives of these individuals cast a shadow over the tranquility of the Greek islands, prompting a reflection on the complexities of travel and the inherent risks that accompany exploration.

Rachel Adams

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