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Frédéric Pierre honored in emotional episode of En direct de l’univers



Frédéric Pierre, a well-known Quebec comedian, was honored in a heartfelt episode of the popular TV show En direct de l'univers. The episode, dedicated to showcasing Frédéric’s musical talents, was filled with enchanting moments, with one particularly memorable segment focusing on the death of Frédéric’s father.

Frédéric’s father, who was in the terminal stage of his illness, had reassured him that everything would be fine and he shouldn’t worry. As the emotional moment was being shared on stage, Frédéric couldn’t hold back tears when he saw Sophie Lorain, a fellow cast member from the TV series Stéphanie Duquette, perform the song “Dis tout sans rien dire” by Isabelle Boulay. Sophie’s captivating performance touched the hearts of everyone present, including Frédéric, who shed a few tears. It was truly a touching moment.

This wasn’t the first time that Sophie Lorain and Frédéric Pierre had crossed paths, as they both star in the popular TVA series Stéphanie Duquette. Sophie portrays the lead detective Stéphanie Duquette, while Frédéric portrays the loyal police officer Renaud Magloire.

The episode also featured many familiar faces in Frédéric’s life, such as his sister Véronique, his childhood best friend Daniel, and several others. Each of them took turns performing significant songs from Frédéric’s repertoire, showcasing his love for traditional music from around the world. Earlier in the show, Frédéric was also touched when Chris de Burgh, an artist he has admired since his teenage years, offered him a rendition of “Old Friend,” a song he had hoped to sing with his late friend Stéphane.

The episode of En direct de l’univers was once again a testament to the show’s ability to deliver high-quality television filled with emotions and surpass viewers’ expectations. Next week, the renowned duo les soeurs Boulay, composed of sisters, will share a glimpse into their musical journey.

It is worth noting that Frédéric Pierre recently launched a new series called Montréal-Haïti, which dives into the reality of a Haitian family living in the heart of Montreal. Discover our thoughts on the series here.

The show En direct de l’univers airs on Saturdays at 7 p.m. on ICI Télé.

Rachel Adams

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