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Glasgow Music Producer Wins Grammy for R&B Song



Glasgow Music Producer Wins Grammy For R&b Song

A 20-year-old music producer hailing from Glasgow has achieved a remarkable feat, winning a Grammy award for his work on a hit track. Blair Ferguson, known by his stage name BLK Beats, made his contribution to SZA‘s popular song “Snooze” from a makeshift studio while staying with his aunt. The track was honored with the award for Best R&B Song at the prestigious Grammy ceremony held in Los Angeles last night.


For someone relatively unknown in Scotland, it was an incredible achievement for Blair to represent his home country as a Grammy winner. Despite his young age, he has already collaborated with industry heavyweights like Justin Bieber and Diddy. At the age of 16, he contributed to his first top 10 album in the US. He attended Kelvinside Academy during his schooling years.


Operating under the name BLK Beats, Blair initially wrote the original demo for SZA’s hit song “Snooze,” which features on her album “SOS.” The song resonated with audiences, peaking at number two on the US Billboard charts in July and remaining on the Billboard Hot 100 for the entirety of 2023. In September, it also reached number 18 on the UK charts. Blair’s work extended to other Grammy-nominated albums this year, including SZA’s “SOS” and Babyface’s “Girls Night Out.”


In an interview with the Recording Academy, Blair reflected on the experience, saying, “It came from a very weird time in my life. I was staying at my aunt’s place, just trying to find my place in the industry. The idea for the song was born there, and now it has flourished into something incredible.” The Ferguson family in Scotland eagerly stayed up to watch the awards and celebrated Blair’s success throughout the night.


When asked about his future plans, Blair confidently responded, “More Grammys. I’m still young, so I’ve got to get more.” His journey in the music industry began at the young age of 15 when he started producing his own music in his Glasgow bedroom. He quickly gained recognition for his talent in creating melodies and sample tracks, sending his music to numerous producers and songwriters in hopes of catching their attention. The COVID-19 pandemic further fueled his determination, leading him to leave school and pursue music.


Within months, Blair had written a song for hip-hop artist Lil Tecca, which made it to the top 10 of the US Billboard charts on his album “Virgo World.” His collaborations expanded to other renowned artists like Diddy, 24kGoldn, and Justin Bieber. Despite his international success, Blair still spends time in Scotland, sharing a flat with four of his school friends in Edinburgh.


Reflecting on his breakthrough moment, Blair said, “I had a makeshift studio in my aunt’s attic in Glasgow, and I was in a bit of limbo. But I made the original demo for ‘Snooze’ and shared it with my friend and co-producer Leon Thomas, and they took it to the next level. The rest is history.” Initially doubting the track’s potential due to its laidback style, Blair admitted his surprise as it climbed the charts. He also credited SZA for her genius in transforming any record with her unique melodic skills, mentioning that no other artist could have made the track as successful.

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