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Iconic Australian Treat Returns in Bite-Sized Balls: Polly Waffle Bites by Robern Menz



Iconic Australian Treat Returns In Bite Sized Balls: Polly Waffle Bites By Robern Menz

Iconic Australian chocolate bar, the Polly Waffle, is set to make a triumphant return to shelves across the nation, albeit in a novel format. The revival of the beloved treat comes courtesy of Robern Menz, who holds the rights to resume production of this nostalgic favorite.

Rather than restoring the classic bar design, Robern Menz is introducing Polly Waffle Bites to the confectionery landscape. These bite-sized morsels are positioned to captivate taste buds with a delectable blend of soft vanilla marshmallow, rich milk chocolate, and crispy wafer pieces, offering a fresh take on the time-honored treat that fans have longed for since its discontinuation in 2009.

Anticipated to hit retail shelves in late April 2024, Polly Waffle Bites represent a modern twist on the confectionery delight that first made its debut in 1947. The decision to permanently replace the original bar format with the bite-sized version stems from the intricacies, expenses, and time constraints associated with manufacturing the traditional Polly Waffle bar.

The journey to resurrect Polly Waffle has been far from straightforward, marked by challenges exacerbated by the global pandemic. Obstacles ranged from border closures hindering sourcing to the previous manufacturer decommissioning the original machinery. Despite the setbacks, Robern Menz persisted in their commitment to reviving cherished Australian brands, buoyed in part by a substantial grant from the Australian Federal Government’s Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

Expressing enthusiasm for the ambitious project, Menz CEO Phil Sims emphasized the company’s track record of reviving iconic Aussie brands like Violet Crumble and FruChocs, underscoring their eagerness to reintroduce Polly Waffle to consumers. Sims noted that Polly Waffle had been absent from production for over a decade before Robern Menz acquired the rights, necessitating a full-scale reevaluation of production approaches to bring the illustrious treat back to life.

As the buzz surrounding the impending launch of Polly Waffle Bites intensifies, Robern Menz has promised to reveal more details closer to the release date. With over 150 years of tradition, Robern Menz stands as one of Australia’s largest domestically owned confectionery enterprises, responsible for crafting other well-loved treats such as Violet Crumble and FruChocs. The company’s unyielding dedication to quality and innovation continues to resonate with consumers globally, extending its reach to markets in the USA and Asia.

Rachel Adams

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