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Jake Allen Pays Tribute to Devils Legend with New Goalie Mask Design



Jake Allen Pays Tribute To Devils Legend With New Goalie Mask Design

Since transitioning to the New Jersey Devils, Jake Allen has been enjoying a resurgence in form, showcasing stellar performances in front of the net.

His stint with the Montreal Canadiens presented challenges, but the change of scenery seems to have revitalized the veteran goalie, aided by the talented lineup of the Devils.

Notably, Allen’s previous engagement with a rebuilding Montreal team could have impacted his performance, making his success with the Devils more prominent.

Having played six games after the trade, Jake Allen boasts an impressive record that speaks for itself.

With management indicating their plans to retain him for the upcoming season, Allen’s future with New Jersey looks stable, motivating him to give his all on the ice.

Expressing his commitment to the Devils, Jake Allen unveiled a freshly painted goalie mask in the team’s iconic colors, designed by Sylvie Marsolais and Alexandre Mathys, exuding a vintage aesthetic.

An intriguing observation about Allen’s new mask is its striking resemblance to Martin Brodeur‘s classic design from his time with the Devils, suggesting a possible homage to the legendary goaltender.

The bond between Jake Allen and Martin Brodeur, forged during their time together with the St. Louis Blues, is well-known, with Allen crediting the Quebecois icon for influencing his game preparation and off-season routines.

Amidst these developments, the Montreal Canadiens have encountered challenges in the goaltending department post-Allen’s departure, showcasing a stark contrast in performance compared to the veteran’s success with the Devils.

In related news, Martin Brodeur shared valuable insights on the evolving landscape of NHL goaltending, highlighting the intricacies of the position in the current sports science environment.

Additionally, Owen Beck‘s participation in a second Memorial Cup tournament garners attention, while the passing of Masnick, the oldest surviving member of the ’53 Canadiens Cup-winning team, is mourned by the hockey community.

On the managerial front, Chris MacFarland of the Avalanche emerges as a notable candidate for the GM of the Year award, as the Vancouver Canucks announce roster adjustments with Thatcher Demko placed on LTIR and Arshdeep Bains recalled from Abbotsford.

Concluding on a lighter note, a behind-the-scenes look at Sebastian Aho mic’d up proves to be a delightful spectacle for fans, showcasing the human side of athletes in the NHL.

Rachel Adams

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