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King Charles III Diagnosed with Cancer, Cancels Public Engagements



King Charles Iii Diagnosed With Cancer, Cancels Public Engagements

King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on Monday. The exact type of cancer was not disclosed, but it is not prostate cancer as initially reported.

The diagnosis came after the king’s recent hospitalization, during which the presence of cancer was discovered through further diagnostic tests. As a result, King Charles III, 75, has cancelled his public engagements indefinitely based on his doctors’ advice.

King Charles III has commenced a regular treatment program and will continue to attend to state affairs and official paperwork, as stated in the palace statement. Despite the diagnosis, he remains optimistic about his treatment and looks forward to resuming his public duties as soon as possible.

The decision to publicly share his diagnosis was made by the king to avoid speculation and in the hope of raising awareness and understanding of cancer’s impact globally. The king expressed his gratitude to his medical team for their swift intervention, facilitated by his recent hospital procedure.

Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II, ascended to the throne in September 2022 following the passing of his mother. The news of his cancer diagnosis has prompted well-wishes and support from people around the world, including Ottawa where Governor General Mary Simon, representative of the British Crown in Canada, extended her best wishes for King Charles III’s recovery on behalf of all Canadians.

Many Canadians face similar battles, with two in five receiving a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, emphasized Simon. The king’s open acknowledgment of his cancer journey will hopefully inspire and motivate those undergoing their own treatment. Simon praised the king’s strength and determination in battling the disease.

With information from Reuters.

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