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Mazda Unveils the 2025 CX-70: A Mid-Size Crossover Designed for Active Lifestyles



Mazda Unveils The 2025 Cx 70: A Mid Size Crossover Designed For Active Lifestyles

Mazda North American Operations has introduced its latest offering, the 2025 Mazda CX-70, a mid-size two-row crossover designed with active lifestyles in mind. This new vehicle boasts Mazda’s advanced powertrain options, providing responsive and electrified performance for an engaging driving experience in both city and lifestyle activities.

CX-70 is built on Mazda’s large platform, making electrification a key feature across all its powertrain options. Customers can choose between an e-SkyActiv G 3.3L Inline 6 Turbo engine with M-Hybrid Boost or an e-SkyActiv G PHEV for the best of both performance and efficiency.

The design of the CX-70 showcases Mazda’s commitment to driver-centric features. With its elegant yet sporty design cues, generous cabin and cargo space, the CX-70 encourages owners to pursue their passions and hobbies without compromising on functionality.

The exterior of the CX-70 exudes a modern and athletic posture, featuring a wide and low front fascia and chiseled front end. Contrasting black accents and available black metal and machine cut finished 21-inch wheels enhance its overall sporty appeal. Inside, the meticulously sculpted interior offers a wide and open feel, complemented by high-quality materials and finishes. The available red Nappa leather upholstery with red stitch detailing adds a sporty touch inspired by the 100th Anniversary Special Edition MX-5 model.

The CX-70 also prioritizes utility for active lifestyles. It introduces several new features designed to improve everyday usability for customers. Remote-folding rear seats allow for easier loading and a rear cargo area optimized for storage, including additional compartments and hooks for bags and equipment. The inclusion of a unique sub-trunk design provides secure storage for valuables and small items.

Mazda has incorporated new assistance technologies into the CX-70, including an Unresponsive Driver Support system under the Cruising & Traffic Support feature. This system can automatically decelerate and stop the vehicle in emergency situations if the driver does not respond to escalating alerts. Additionally, the integration of Alexa brings voice-command capabilities to the vehicle, allowing hands-free control over various functions and even smart home devices.

Mazda’s dedication to providing vehicles that prioritize the needs of its customers elevates the CX-70 to a higher standard in the mid-size crossover segment. To learn more about the 2025 Mazda CX-70, visit

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