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Nationwide Protests Against Carbon Tax Cause Traffic Disruptions in Western Canada



Protesters gathered west of Calgary causing a significant backup on the Trans-Canada Highway in response to Ottawa‘s recent carbon tax increase. The Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax organized the event as part of a series of 15 protests across the country. Their goal is the removal of the carbon tax without replacement by any other form of taxation.

The rally began at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 22 near Cochrane, with around a dozen RVs and vehicles displaying Canadian flags assembling by 7:45 a.m. Several RCMP vehicles were also present. By noon, the protest had shifted to blocking one lane of traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway, resulting in a major backup.

The federal government’s decision to raise the carbon tax from $65 per tonne to $80 per tonne on April 1st has sparked significant backlash, with demands from conservative leaders, including Alberta‘s, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the increase. RCMP advised drivers to expect delays and disruptions on Highway 1 west of Cochrane and consider alternative routes.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation criticized the tax hike, stating that the increased taxes would cost Canadians more than what they receive in rebates. They also highlighted the salary raises received by MPs on April 1st. Meanwhile, a separate protest outside Edmonton Centre Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault’s office highlighted the opposition to the carbon tax on a local level.

Participants emphasized the financial burden the carbon tax places on everyday Canadians, with concerns raised about rising costs across essential items. The non-partisan protest aims to show widespread disapproval of the carbon tax and maintain public safety without blocking traffic. The impact of the tax increase on fuel, clothing, and food costs is expected to be felt in the coming weeks.

Finally, the increase in the federal carbon rebate amounts aims to offset the rising costs for Albertans, with the next rebate scheduled for April 15th. The protests reflect the ongoing debate and tensions surrounding carbon pricing policies in Canada, echoing concerns and calls for action from various segments of the population.

Rachel Adams

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