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NHRC Issues Notice to Madhya Pradesh Government Over Harda Blast



Nhrc Issues Notice To Madhya Pradesh Government Over Harda Blast

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sent a notice to the Madhya Pradesh government following a series of explosions at an Aatishbazi factory in the outer regions of Harda district on February 6. The incident resulted in the death of approximately 11 individuals and left around 200 others injured.

The impact of the blasts was felt several kilometers around the factory premises. Allegedly, viral videos depict the bodies of the victims scattered on roads and fields.

The NHRC has acknowledged the content of a media report, and if true, it constitutes a violation of human rights. Accordingly, it has demanded a detailed report within four weeks, including the status of the FIR, updates on the health and medical treatment provided to the blast victims and their families, as well as information on the actions taken against the culpable and negligent officials and measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

According to a media report dated February 7, 2024, the factory consisted of 32 halls filled with explosives, mostly containing firecrackers. When the explosions occurred, there were more than 200 people working in the factory, with around 70 individuals on the morning shift. The factory had previously been under scrutiny due to some illegal activities. It had faced an order for closure in 2022 after the deaths of two workers in an explosion, and the owner was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in 2021 but had challenged the order.

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