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Red Rock Pizza Unveils ‘Monkey’s Dream’ for Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival



Red Rock Pizza Unveils 'monkey's Dream' For Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival

The Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival is in full swing with Red Rock Pizza making a delicious splash in the beloved competition. As part of the fifth anniversary of the festival, local businesses showcase their unique hot chocolate creations for visitors to sample and vote for their favorite.

Red Rock Pizza, last year’s contest winner, has unveiled their latest creation ‘Monkey’s Dream’ for this year’s festival. Owner Faustina Jokl describes it as a delightful combination of melted Belgian wafers, bananas, whipped cream with banana flavoring, yellow sprinkles, and a Lotus Biscoff cookie topping.

‘Monkey’s Dream’ comes hot on the heels of the success of Red Rock Pizza’s ‘St. Valentine’s Dream’ hot chocolate, which clinched the top spot in the 2023 festival.

The annual Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival runs until February 17th, offering locals and visitors the chance to indulge in the creations of various participating businesses. For more information on the festival, including a list of participating businesses and an interactive map, visit the festival’s official website.

Participating in the Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival not only provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase their creativity but also gives the community a chance to bond over delicious and inventive hot chocolate drinks. It’s an event that brings joy and warmth to the cold winter days.

Rachel Adams

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