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Timaya Releases Enchanting New Single ‘Dey Your Dey’



Timaya Releases Enchanting New Single 'dey Your Dey'

Nigerian music icon, Timaya, has unveiled his latest single titled ‘Dey Your Dey’, which has instantly become a street anthem. The song, inspired by popular street lingo in Rivers State and the Niger Delta, promotes the idea of maintaining one’s lane or staying in one’s own business.

With the intention of creating music that resonates with all demographics, Timaya cleverly incorporates the familiar nursery rhyme ‘rain rain go away’ into his catchy melody. The artist, who was motivated by his children, seeks to fill the void of kid-friendly music within the secular genre.

Timaya’s message in ‘Dey Your Dey’ is deeply rooted in positivity and advocates for peaceful relationships among individuals. The song serves as the lead single for his highly anticipated album, ‘Gladiator‘, set to be released later this year.

Produced by renowned hitmaker Masterkraft, known for his successful collaborations with Timaya, such as the viral hit ‘UKWU’, ‘Dey Your Dey’ is already making waves and is expected to become an anthem in 2024. Fans can now enjoy the track, as it was officially released on February 2nd.

Rachel Adams

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