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Unifor Applauds Ontario Court’s Overturning of Bill 124 as Unconstitutional



Unifor Applauds Ontario Court’s Overturning Of Bill 124 As Unconstitutional

Following a recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal, Unifor, a prominent workers’ union in Canada, praised the court’s ruling on Bill 124, deeming it unconstitutional. This legislation, introduced by Premier Doug Ford‘s administration, faced scrutiny due to its imposition of wage caps on public sector workers. The Ontario Superior Court had first declared the bill unconstitutional, a decision now affirmed by the appeal court.

Lana Payne, the National President of Unifor, emphasized that this ruling is a victory for tens of thousands of employees, particularly in healthcare and education, who had been stripped of their right to collective bargaining. Unifor has actively worked towards securing retroactive pay for impacted workers by having provisions in place for renegotiating wages post the bill’s nullification.

Samia Hashi, the Ontario Regional Director at Unifor, underscored the importance of fair wages and workplace rights, particularly in the current climate where workers face financial challenges and healthcare strains. Unifor has also advocated for the enhancement of public services, stating they will persist in fighting for the betterment of these services.

Bill 124 has a direct impact on over 18,155 Unifor members across various sectors including hospitals, long-term care facilities, paramedic services, and education. Notably, a substantial majority of the affected Unifor members are female workers engaged in essential care roles.

For media inquiries about Unifor’s stance and efforts, Paul Whyte, a Communications Representative at the organization, can be reached. Unifor, as Canada’s largest private sector union representing 315,000 workers, continues its advocacy for the rights of working individuals, striving for equality, justice, and progressive reforms nationally and internationally.

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