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Utah Prairie Dogs Make Remarkable Recovery Progress According to Recent Surveys



Salt Lake City — Friday, May 17 is Endangered Species Day, providing an opportunity to delve into the progress made by the Utah prairie dogs, a species listed under the Endangered Species Act that has shown promising signs of recovery in recent years.

Utah boasts three distinct species of prairie dogs within its borders, with the Utah prairie dog being exclusive to the southwestern region of the state, making it a unique and localized species. These prairie dogs, characterized by dark eyebrows, are the smallest among their prairie dog counterparts.

The plight of the Utah prairie dog is accentuated by its solitary status as the only prairie dog species in the United States categorized as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. This classification has been in place since 1973, emphasizing the longstanding efforts aimed at its conservation.

Barbara Sugarman, the Utah Prairie Dog Recovery Biologist at the Department of Wildlife Resources, shed light on the various factors contributing to the species’ decline, notably the unregulated poisoning and the threat of plague. Since 1973, intensive research, vigilant monitoring, and collaborative conservation initiatives involving federal and state agencies, counties, and other stakeholders have been pivotal in supporting the species.

Each spring, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources undertakes surveys to estimate the Utah prairie dog population. Encouraging trends have emerged over the last three decades, indicating stable or increasing populations across the species’ range, showcasing tangible progress in conservation efforts.

As of the latest count, the Utah prairie dog population stands at an estimated 69,537 individuals, with the ongoing spring surveys suggesting a potential uptick in numbers this year compared to the previous year, signalling a positive growth trajectory for the species.

Sugarman credits the collaborative spirit among various agencies and organizations, which has been central to the species’ resurgence, thanks to sustained habitat treatments, disease interventions, and relocation endeavors that have underpinned the conservation strategy.

With 17 wildlife species in Utah featuring on the federal endangered species list, the collective efforts aimed at protecting these vulnerable species are integral to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. The strategic partnership between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources underscores a multi-faceted approach towards wildlife conservation.

Since 2001, the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources, in conjunction with other partners, has engaged in proactive measures to prevent 20 wildlife species from slipping into the endangered or threatened categories, aligning with the objectives outlined in the Utah Wildlife Action Plan.

For individuals keen on learning more about the conservation efforts surrounding Utah prairie dogs, detailed information can be accessed through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website, providing insights into the species’ journey towards recovery.

Rachel Adams

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