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Acoustic Metal Legends Tenacious D Announce ‘Spicy Meatball’ Tour Dates for Australia



Acoustic Metal Legends Tenacious D Announce 'spicy Meatball' Tour Dates For Australia

The iconic duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, known as Tenacious D, have delighted fans by announcing their much-anticipated ‘Spicy Meatball’ tour dates for Australia. This much-awaited tour will bring the acclaimed acoustic metal and comedy rock legends to various cities including Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide in July.

Tenacious D, recognized for their global hit ‘Tribute‘ and other popular songs like ‘Kickapoo‘, ‘Beelzeboss’, and ‘Fuck Her Gently’, continue to capture audiences around the world. The band recently sold-out concerts across Europe, the UK, and the USA, proving their undeniable talent and showmanship.

Following their last visit to Australia over a decade ago, Tenacious D has maintained a steady output of creative projects. They introduced the Los Angeles music and comedy event ‘Festival Supreme‘ from 2013 to 2016. In 2018, they released the animated film ‘Tenacious D In Post-Apocalypto’, where Jack Black hand-drew each frame and lent his voice to the band’s characters. Furthermore, they explored the Post-Apocalypto universe with a graphic novel in 2020.

Tenacious D’s musical journey continued with the release of their collaboration with Jack White, ‘Don’t Blow It, Kage’, for Record Store Day in 2019. They followed up with covers of ‘Time Warp’, ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’, and ‘Wicked Games’, as well as a tribute to The Who titled ‘The Who Medley’ in subsequent years. They concluded 2023 by releasing the whimsical song ‘Video Games’.

The ‘Spicy Meatball Tour’ dates for Australia are as follows:

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