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Ayra Starr Drops New Single ‘Commas’ with Lyrics Video



Ayra Starr Drops New Single 'commas' With Lyrics Video

Sensational singer and Grammy nominee, Ayra Starr, has released her latest single ‘Commas’ along with a captivating lyrics video. Produced by the renowned Don Jazzy, this track marks Ayra’s first release of the year and is already stirring excitement among fans.

The lyrics video for ‘Commas’ adds an extra layer of artistic flair to the track, showcasing the heartfelt message of the song. Ayra Starr describes ‘Commas’ as her love letter to individuals who have once rejected her. In her words, she aims to inspire listeners to feel confident and empowered, knowing that they have the ability to achieve greatness in any aspect of their lives.

Ayra expresses her personal connection to ‘Commas’, stating that she listens to the song every day due to the emotions it evokes within her. Its powerful message serves as a reminder that everyone has the potential to increase their successes and accomplishments.

Having gained recognition as one of the brightest new stars in the Nigerian music industry, Ayra Starr continues to impress with her soulful vocals and engaging lyrics. The release of ‘Commas’ further solidifies her position as a talented and versatile artist.

Listeners can seamlessly enjoy ‘Commas’ on various streaming platforms and watch the captivating lyric video to fully immerse themselves in the song’s meaning and beauty.

Rachel Adams

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