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Will Arnett Partners with Thunderbird Entertainment and Crave to Create Animated Super Team Comedy



Will Arnett Partners With Thunderbird Entertainment And Crave To Create Animated Super Team Comedy

Will Arnett is teaming up with Thunderbird Entertainment and Crave to create a new animated super team comedy. Arnett’s production house, Electric Avenue, will co-produce the 10-episode, half-hour series alongside Thunderbird Entertainment in association with Crave, Bell Media’s streamer.

The series, created by Robert Cohen and Joel H. Cohen, will focus on the adventures of six little-known Canadian superheroes as they try to save the world from evil giant robots, an unemployed octopus, and needy hardware store clerks. When all other superheroes have been defeated, these underdog Canadian super-unknowns are called upon as Earth‘s last hope.

Currently in production with a scheduled premiere in 2025, the voice cast for the show has not been announced yet. The executive producers include Robert Cohen, Joel H. Cohen, Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz, Kristin Cummings, Will Arnett, and Marc Forman.

Crave, known for its original comedies like Letterkenny and Shoresy, is venturing into the world of adult animation for the first time with this new series. The collaboration between Will Arnett, Thunderbird Entertainment, and Electric Avenue is expected to bring a distinct Canadian humor and clever storytelling to the show.

The news of this partnership comes shortly after Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes reportedly signed a $100 million deal to move their podcast, SmartLess, from Amazon to SiriusXM. Electric Avenue, Arnett’s production company, has a catalog of successful shows including Peacock‘s Twisted Metal, Fox‘s Snake Oil, and Netflix‘s Murderville.

Thunderbird Entertainment’s Atomic Cartoons, based in Vancouver, is known for their work on shows like Max series Young Love. With extensive experience in creating animated content for various streaming platforms, including Netflix, Adult Swim, Disney+, Hulu, and Peacock, Atomic Cartoons brings their expertise to the production.

Overall, this collaboration between Will Arnett, Thunderbird Entertainment, and Crave is anticipated to deliver a hilarious and action-packed animated series that showcases the talent of Canadian creators and animators.

Rachel Adams

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