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Channel 4 Launches ‘Equity by Design’ Strategy to Drive Inclusivity and Progress



Channel 4 has introduced its pioneering equity strategy, ‘Equity by Design‘, a comprehensive framework aimed at fostering fair outcomes and catalyzing change within the industry.

The strategy, designed to uphold Channel 4’s public service mandate, is set to embed diversity and inclusion deeply into the organization’s decision-making processes as it transitions into a digital-first public service streamer.

Renaming the Creative Diversity team to Creative Equity underscores the business’s commitment to equity across all fronts.

Channel 4’s strategy is founded on six core principles derived from stakeholder feedback, driving organization-wide initiatives to spur transformation.

The first principle, ‘Make informed choices’, advocates for decisions based on diverse perspectives and robust data, underpinned by activities like ‘meet the audience’ sessions and reviewing on and off-screen representation metrics.

Next, ‘Design for inclusion’ focuses on creating content, products, and workplaces with universal considerations in mind. This includes launching Codes of Portrayal for groups like Trans, Arab and Muslim, and Jewish communities.

The emphasis on ‘Choose inclusive partners’ involves investing in diverse collaborators and upholding equity values, while holding suppliers accountable to these principles.

The fourth principle, ‘Treat people right’, demands inclusive leadership to drive a culture of respect, supported by training initiatives like the ‘Safe Space’ program.

Under ‘Create opportunity’, Channel 4 commits to advancing workforce representation and introducing new employee networks to promote inclusivity.

Lastly, ‘Lead on societal impact’ tasks Channel 4 with addressing pressing social issues, including fostering dialogue on complex topics like the situation in Israel and Gaza, and supporting employee well-being.

Alex Mahon, Channel 4’s CEO, highlighted the strategy as a pivotal step towards greater positive impact, embodying the network’s ethos.

Marcia Williams, the Director of Inclusion, underscored the strategy’s role in sustaining Channel 4’s legacy in diversity and inclusion amidst evolving viewer needs and industry landscapes.

Channel 4’s ‘Equity by Design’ strategy follows its surpassing of 2023 diversity targets, showcasing significant progress in gender, ethnic, disability, and LGBTQ+ representation.

The broadcaster’s commitment to driving change through entertainment remains at the core of its ongoing initiatives, including Fast Forward and its investment in British filmmakers through Film4 Productions.

Channel 4’s dedication to fostering inclusivity, innovation, and impact positions it as a leading force in the UK‘s media landscape.

Rachel Adams

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