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Fuel Scarcity Escalates in Lagos and Abuja Despite NNPC Claims; Prices Soar



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Fuel scarcity continues to worsen in major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja, despite assurances from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited.

Last week, the spokesperson for NNPC, Olufemi Soneye, declared that all issues causing fuel scarcity had been resolved, yet the situation persists in places like Lagos, Ogun State, and Abuja.

In Lagos, petrol prices have surged to as high as N850 to N900 per liter in areas including Maryland, Ikeja, Agege, and Iyana Ipaja, reflecting the intensity of the crisis.

Abuja also experiences long queues at filling stations along key roads like Abuja Airport Road, Lugbe, and Nasarawa-Abuja Road, with black marketers taking advantage of the scarcity to sell at exorbitant prices.

The scarcity has led to some filling stations shutting down, exacerbating the challenges faced by consumers seeking fuel, especially in areas like Agege, Ikeja, Ogba, and Ikotun in Lagos.

Notably, the few operational stations in these regions have resorted to selling petrol at inflated prices, with some reaching as high as N850 to N900 per liter due to heightened demand.

The increased demand for fuel has resulted in long queues, further complicating the situation in various parts of Lagos and neighboring states like Ogun.

Regions such as Ikorodu, Sango, and Mowe in Ogun State have witnessed significant impacts of the scarcity, with motorists enduring lengthy waits at fuel stations.

Various industry stakeholders, including energy analyst Kelvin Emmanuel, have pointed to discrepancies in delivery prices between IPMAN and MOMAN as a primary factor behind the persistent fuel scarcity.

IPMAN recently mentioned that the scarcity may last for another two weeks, attributing the challenge to refinery maintenance in Europe which has affected the product supply.

In response to the widespread shortage, Chinedu Ukadike, the Public Relations Officer of IPMAN, highlighted the current unavailability of petrol in the country due to sourcing difficulties.

Despite NNPC’s earlier assurance that logistical issues causing the scarcity had been resolved, the situation remains dire, with consumers grappling with high prices, long queues, and limited availability of fuel in key areas.

Rachel Adams

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