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Lost Ship of Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton Found off Canadian Coast



Times News Global Featured Image
Times News Global Featured Image

A team of researchers led by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society has made a momentous discovery, locating the final resting place of the legendary Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship. The vessel, known as the Quest, was found submerged in the frigid depths of the Labrador Sea, off the coast of Canada.

The Shackleton Quest Expedition, spearheaded by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, successfully identified the Quest using advanced sonar technology. The ship was found sitting upright on its keel, beneath 390 meters of turbulent waters, with its towering mast lying broken nearby – likely a result of the vessel’s collision with ice in 1962.

Addressing an audience at the Memorial University’s Marine Institute in St. John’s, Newfoundland, John Geiger, the expedition leader, emphasized the meticulous and respectful approach taken in uncovering this maritime relic. He highlighted the historical significance of the Quest, a vessel intricately intertwined with Shackleton’s daring polar expeditions.

Sir Ernest Shackleton, a renowned figure in Antarctic exploration, met his untimely demise aboard the Quest in 1922 while en route to South Georgia, near the Falkland Islands. His passing marked the end of an era heralded as the ‘heroic age’ of Antarctic discovery, during which Shackleton led multiple British expeditions to the icy continent.

The Quest, originally intended for exploratory voyages in Canada’s High Arctic, was redirected to Antarctic expeditions following governmental intervention. Its eventual fate led to service as an Arctic research vessel and later a sealing ship before succumbing to the icy embrace of the Labrador Sea in 1962.

Experts marveled at the remarkably intact state of the Quest, despite its traumatic descent to the seabed. While the vessel will not be salvaged due to prohibitive costs, meticulous documentation and thorough study are planned to unravel its enduring mysteries and historical significance.

Rachel Adams

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