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South African Men Embrace Emotional Release While Watching ‘Chasing the Sun 2’



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South African men found a unique opportunity for emotional release as they tuned in to the highly-anticipated documentary series, ‘Chasing the Sun 2’. The comedic skits leading up to the premiere set a lighthearted tone for the evening, capturing the attention of rugby enthusiasts and fans across the nation.

The five-part documentary exploring the journey to victory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup debuted on 24 March 2024, airing on M-Net and SuperSport Grandstand. Viewers were drawn to the screen in anticipation of reliving the monumental achievement of the national team.

The CEO of MultiChoice South Africa, Marc Jury, highlighted the documentary’s significance beyond rugby, emphasizing its portrayal of hope, unity, and resilience that deeply resonates with the South African identity. The storytelling transcends sports, connecting with the spirit of the nation.

Comedian Glen Biderman-Pam injected humor into the conversation surrounding the series, pointing out the unique tendency of South African men to shed tears exclusively when watching ‘Chasing the Sun’. Drawing from data by the American Psychological Association, he brought to light the emotional release experienced by audience members in the midst of personal and national challenges.

24 March marked a dual celebration as viewers embraced both ‘Chasing the Sun’ and South African Crying Men’s Awareness Day, coined as #SACMAD. The initiative sought to encourage men to embrace vulnerability and join in a collective emotional experience, uniting under the theme of ‘stronger teargether’.

Internet users took to platforms like Twitter to share their reactions and connect over the compelling storytelling and emotional moments captured in the documentary series. From touching portrayals of players like Duane, Rassie, and Deon to the engaging narrative woven throughout the episodes, viewers expressed their emotional investment in the journey.

East Coast Radio, serving as a platform for further discussions and updates, kept the audience engaged and informed. The evolving story surrounding ‘Chasing the Sun 2’ promises to deliver more heartfelt moments and community engagement as the series unfolds.

For those eager to follow along and engage with East Coast Radio, multiple listening options were provided, ensuring accessibility across a wide audience base. The immersive experience offered by the documentary series continues to draw attention and spark conversations, uniting viewers in emotional connection and shared storytelling.

Rachel Adams

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