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Innovative Beauty Genie Vending Machine Revolutionizes Hair Care Access for Textured Hair Community



Innovative Beauty Genie Vending Machine Revolutionizes Hair Care Access For Textured Hair Community

The Beauty Genie Box vending machine, exclusively dedicated to selling hair supplies for textured hair, has introduced a game-changing concept at Chicago’s Union Station. The machine boasts a collection of over 500 products tailored specifically for textured hair, ranging from mainstream oils and shampoos to specialty items not commonly found in typical stores.

Ebony Karim, the CEO behind the Beauty Genie, emphasized the importance of providing convenient access to quality beauty supplies for Black and brown communities who often face challenges in finding suitable products. In her vision, the vending machine serves as a solution for on-the-go individuals seeking bonnets, shower caps, edge control, and more.

Historian Ernest Crimm III highlighted the historical significance of textured hair within Black and brown communities. He noted how hairstyles have represented not just social status but also a form of resistance over time, from braids serving as escape maps during slavery to relaxers attempting to conform to societal standards.

Quintella Rodgers, the owner of Thee Hair Bar Salon, collaborates with Beauty Genie to offer natural hair tutorials to young Black students. Rodgers praised the vending machine’s innovation for its focus on accessibility, noting that while some products may be available at stores like Walgreens, the Beauty Genie stocks unique and essential items.

With a commitment to quality and inclusivity, Rodgers hopes to see Beauty Genie vending machines expand beyond Union Station to historically Black colleges and universities nationwide. By offering sulfate-free, paraben-free products suitable for a range of hair types, the business aims to empower individuals to embrace and care for their natural hair.

Rachel Adams

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