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Jeremy Clarkson Criticizes British Comedians for Fear of Cancel Culture



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Jeremy Clarkson, the popular UK television personality known for his shows such as Clarkson’s Farm and Top Gear, has voiced his opinion on the state of British comedy. In a recent column, Clarkson lamented the lack of humor in British comedians due to their fear of being targeted by the woke cancel culture.

Clarkson, who has faced his fair share of controversy and calls for his removal from television shows in the past, argued that the fear of being condemned has resulted in a decline in the quality of comedy in Britain. He pointed out that while left-wing comedians have been able to spew vitriol without repercussions, those who lean towards the right have faced severe backlash.

Clarkson mentioned comedian Stewart Lee‘s joke about Richard Hammond’s Top Gear crash and Frankie Boyle’s infamous remarks about Rebecca Adlington as examples of left-leaning comedians pushing boundaries without facing consequences. He attributed this unfunny era of comedy to the hijacking of the laughter industry by the far left.

According to Clarkson, left-leaning comedians are rarely funny because their material is consumed by bitterness, envy, and anger. He compared it to cracking jokes with someone who has just destroyed your prized possession. Clarkson also criticized shows like Have I Got News For You, which he said used to be funny due to its lack of agenda but has now become overtly political.

In contrast, Clarkson praised American comedians like Louis CK and Bill Burr for their no-holds-barred approach to comedy, where they do not shy away from offending or challenging the status quo.

Clarkson’s critique of British comedy comes as no surprise, considering his own comedic style that often pushes boundaries and tackles controversial topics. In his Amazon series Clarkson’s Farm, he has taken aim at diversity quotas, environmental activists, vegetarians, and other hot-button issues.

While Clarkson’s opinions may be divisive, they shed light on the growing impact of cancel culture on comedy and the need for comedians to find a balance between pushing boundaries and fearing repercussions.

Rachel Adams

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