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Johnny Marr Recalls Teenage Egging Tradition on British TV Show



Johnny Marr Recalls Teenage Egging Tradition On British Tv Show

Johnny Marr, the renowned guitarist and former member of The Smiths, recently appeared on the popular British TV comedy panel show Would I Lie To You where he shared a riveting tale from his teenage years involving an egg-related tradition in Manchester.

Hosted by the charismatic Rob Brydon and with team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack, the show sees guests telling unbelievable stories to the opposing team to determine whether they are true or false.

Marr regaled the audience with a tale of his teenage job at a local co-op in Manchester, where he stocked shelves and got sacked after three weeks, leading to what he described as a unique tradition of being egged as a form of farewell.

Describing the experience akin to facing a ‘firing squad,’ Marr vividly recounted how he found himself pelted with what felt like ‘hundreds’ of eggs as a group of adults bid him goodbye in a rather unconventional manner.

During the show, Marr convinced the panel that this egg-pelting incident led him to a friend named Danny, who sheltered him after the traumatic experience and ultimately played a significant role in changing his life’s course.

Despite initial skepticism from some contestants, Marr revealed that the heartwarming tale of seeking refuge at Danny’s house after the egging incident and subsequently meeting his future wife was entirely true.

Would I Lie To You has been in its 17th season, welcoming a diverse range of guests including musicians, comedians, and writers, with Johnny Marr’s appearance standing out for the captivating story he shared.

Previously featuring notable personalities such as BBC Radio 1‘s Greg James, comedian Romesh Ranganathan, and Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, the show continues to entertain audiences with its blend of humor and storytelling.

Following his TV appearance, Marr also recently discussed his latest music endeavors with NME, hinting at a forthcoming double album that promises to be filled with ‘bangers,’ as he put it, showcasing his enduring talent and creativity in the music industry.

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