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Melbourne’s Lunar New Year Celebration Transforms Docklands Library



Melbourne's Lunar New Year Celebration Transforms Docklands Library

In a vibrant celebration of cultural tradition and community unity, Melbourne-based contemporary artist Jenny Zhe Chang has reimagined the Docklands library space to commemorate its 10th anniversary as well as honor the deep-rooted values of Chinese New Year. The artist, originally from Beijing and a late-comer to the art world after arriving in Melbourne in 1988, has transformed the library space with a colorful exhibition.

Chang’s exhibition not only marks the Lunar New Year but also serves as a symbol of the intricate blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Despite facing language barriers during her artistic journey at the Victorian College of the Arts, her artworks now stand as a powerful reflection of kindness and humility, intended to bridge cultural divides.

The Lunar New Year celebration, which typically embodies festivity and renewal, holds a deeper meaning for Chang. Beyond the grandeur, she aims to shed light on the core values of Chinese culture that resonate with diverse communities, making it more than just a visual experience but a profound message of goodwill and togetherness.

Chang’s artistic homage to the Lunar New Year features intricately designed red lantern curtains that embody the essence of love and sharing across generations. The handmade lanterns, adorned with the traditional Chinese character 福 (fu) symbolizing good fortune, reflect the communal spirit of Chinese households gathering for the joyous occasion.

The origins of Lunar New Year date back over 2,000 years, with cultural practices like yum cha illustrating the essence of communal sharing and familial bonds. Chang’s artwork serves as a reminder of the significance of reflection and planning for the future, encapsulating the rich history and tradition that Lunar New Year represents.

Chang’s installation at the Docklands library includes suspended mirrors symbolizing each of the library’s ten years of community service, encouraging visitors to reflect on the shared journey and growth within the space. Through her creative interpretation, Chang aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation for the values embedded in Chinese traditions.

As the Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Dragon, Chang’s artistic endeavors emphasize the quieter yet profound aspects of the celebration beyond grandeur and spectacle. By integrating elements from Chinese history, such as the symbolism of lanterns originating from the Han Dynasty, Chang invites viewers to embrace the essence of unity and light in times of reflection and renewal.

Rachel Adams

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