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Western Sydney Artist Chris Yee Collaborates with Parramatta Eels for Lunar New Year Artwork



Western Sydney Artist Chris Yee Collaborates With Parramatta Eels For Lunar New Year Artwork

The Parramatta Eels have joined forces with renowned Western Sydney artist, Chris Yee, to commemorate Lunar New Year with a stunning collaborative artwork. Yee, a native of Western Sydney with Asian-Australian heritage, infused his unique artistic style to represent the bond between the Eels and the diverse Asian community in the region.

Western Sydney, known for its vibrant Asian population, boasts a rich cultural tapestry where 11.2% of Parramatta’s residents trace their roots to Chinese, Vietnamese, or Korean backgrounds, surpassing the national average by 4%. Amongst this community stands Chris Yee, an artist whose upbringing and identity were deeply intertwined with Rugby League and the vibrant sports culture in the area.

Chris Yee’s journey as an artist began in an era with limited opportunities, pushing him to pursue a design degree focused on graphic and textile arts. Despite this, Yee’s passion for illustration shone through, eventually leading him to a successful career as a freelance illustrator catering to the surf and skate industry with his vivid and narrative-driven artworks.

Influenced by hyper graphics and bold colors, Yee’s collaboration with the Parramatta Eels showcases a modern reimagining of traditional Lunar New Year elements. The artwork features a dragon reminiscent of an eel, paying homage to both the upcoming Year of the Dragon and the iconic Eels team, symbolizing their integral role in Western Sydney.

Chris Yee emphasizes the significance of the Eels in Western Sydney, especially in inspiring the youth and ethnic communities of the region. He believes that the collaborative blend of sports, art, and culture has the potential to bridge divides and create new avenues for cultural representation and expression.

Through this artwork, Yee aims to inspire and unify the diverse communities of Western Sydney, highlighting the untold stories and shared experiences that shape the region. His ultimate goal is to encourage participation in sports like Rugby League, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the community.

Rachel Adams

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