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Minnesota Vikings’ Unlikely Win Over the Niners Alters Franchise’s Trajectory



Minnesota Vikings' Unlikely Win Over The Niners Alters Franchise's Trajectory

After a challenging start to the season with a three-game losing streak, the Minnesota Vikings and their coaching staff reminisced about the Los Angeles Rams‘ similar journey in 2021 when they won the Super Bowl. The Vikings’ offensive coordinator, O'Connell, and assistant coach, Phillips, were both part of the Rams’ coaching staff at the time.

In 2021, the Rams began the season with a strong 7-1 record but then faced three consecutive losses against the Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, and Green Bay Packers. However, they rebounded and won five straight games, including a crucial victory against the Vikings, before ultimately winning the Super Bowl. The Rams’ GM, Les Snead, even contemplated retirement alongside head coach Sean McVay.

In contrast, the Vikings missed the playoffs this season despite their optimistic start. The Denver Broncos also faced a similar setback after starting 0-3 but managed to reach a .500 record after defeating the Vikings and snapping their five-game win streak. On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers, who experienced a three-game losing streak earlier in the season, were able to bounce back and secure a playoff spot. They even advanced to the Super Bowl.

It is worth noting that the Minnesota Vikings achieved an unexpected victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 7 of the season. Despite being considered underdogs with a seven-point deficit, the Vikings’ quarterback, Cousins, delivered an impressive performance with 378 passing yards. His performance was particularly impressive given that star wide receiver Jefferson was sidelined due to a hamstring injury sustained in a previous game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The win over the 49ers proved crucial for Minnesota, as it may have influenced their decision on whether to aim for a franchise quarterback or rebuild the team if they had lost. At the time, the future of the Vikings seemed favorable, especially considering their upcoming games against the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions, and other seemingly winnable opponents.

Unfortunately, fate had different plans for the Vikings. Cousins suffered a non-contact injury during the game against the Packers, derailing their momentum. Although backup quarterback Dobbs managed to secure victories against the Falcons and the Saints, the Vikings struggled to maintain their form and ended the season with a disappointing 7-10 record.

The Vikings now face a challenging offseason with several potential uncertainties. Cousins is recovering from an Achilles tear and remains unsigned, while star wide receiver Jefferson has yet to sign an extension. Additionally, the team’s defense requires attention, but their draft position may not afford them the opportunity to select a franchise quarterback.

Reflecting back, the outcome of the Vikings’ 2023 season hinged on their unlikely victory against the 49ers. This unexpected turn of events has left them contemplating their future and how to compete with division rivals such as the Packers, Lions, and Bears, all of whom made the playoffs this year. The impact of this win on the Vikings’ franchise trajectory is undeniable.

Tom Schreier, the founder of Zone Coverage, has been chronicling and analyzing the Vikings’ journey and remains a prominent voice in the team’s coverage and analysis.

Rachel Adams

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