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Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips Challenges President Biden in New Hampshire Primary



Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips Challenges President Biden In New Hampshire Primary

Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, hailing from Minnesota, has taken on the task of challenging incumbent President Joe Biden in the New Hampshire primary race. Phillips believes that his party’s establishment is working against both him and the voters, as he faces criticism from top Democrats and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC has informed New Hampshire voters that their primary election on Tuesday won’t count due to the state holding its contest earlier than allowed.

Phillips has been addressing crowds of voters across the state, expressing his concerns about Biden’s electability. Many attendees echo his sentiments, questioning Biden’s age and popularity to win against Donald Trump in a potential rematch. Moreover, voters are frustrated with the DNC’s decision to render New Hampshire’s primary election symbolic, casting doubts on the fairness of the process.

One concerned voter, Tom Stawasz, a former history teacher from Nashua, expressed worry about Biden’s age, sharing that his wife and friends in the book club also have concerns. Stawasz finds it hard to imagine someone his age or older serving as commander-in-chief.

Phillips has seized on these concerns and the broader discontent with the political system, hoping to transform his presidential campaign from a long shot to a serious contender through a strong showing in New Hampshire. While Phillips won’t secure any presidential delegates, a victory or significant performance on Tuesday could challenge the Democratic Party‘s perception of Biden’s electability.

New Hampshire presents Phillips’ best and perhaps only opportunity to shift the party’s trajectory. By siding with the DNC, Biden has declared the state’s primary election as illegitimate and has opted not to appear on the ballot. This move has opened the door for his challengers to gain support. Meanwhile, the president’s supporters are campaigning for New Hampshire voters to write in Biden’s name on their ballots, aiming to prevent another Democratic candidate from winning the state.

The pressure seems to be on Phillips, with Kathy Sul, a Biden supporter, confidently stating that Biden will secure the nomination. However, the outcome of the New Hampshire primary will undoubtedly hold significance for the party and prompt a reckoning on Biden’s electability.

Dean Phillips’ birthday coincided with his campaign events in New Hampshire, and his staff surprised him with a private birthday celebration. Featured in Phillips’ TV ads, a mascot named Sasquatch presented him with a cake at a restaurant in Concord, captured by photographer Glen Stubbe.

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