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Nor’easter Storm Brings Severe Winter Weather to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland



Nor'easter Storm Brings Severe Winter Weather To Nova Scotia And Newfoundland

A powerful Nor’easter storm is set to impact Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, with Environment Canada issuing warnings for severe winter weather in the region. The forecast includes significant snowfall and strong winds, particularly in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia on Tuesday.

The alert from Environment Canada indicates that up to 25 cm of snow is expected along with wind gusts of up to 80 km/h. The combination of heavy snow and strong winds may lead to whiteout conditions in some areas, reducing visibility to near zero at times.

As the storm approaches, flights in and out of the region are being affected, with cancellations already reported. The highest snowfall amounts are anticipated along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast, posing challenges for residents and travelers in the area.

In Newfoundland, the forecast is even more severe, with the possibility of 50 cm of snow and wind gusts of up to 80 km/h. The storm is expected to impact the region from Wednesday morning through to early Friday, bringing heavy snowfall rates of 2-3 cm per hour.

Storm surge warnings have also been issued for coastal areas, including St. John’s, with waves expected to reach 5 to 7 metres during high tide on Wednesday night. Coastal flooding, erosion, and infrastructure damage are among the concerns highlighted by Environment Canada.

In addition to the maritime provinces, winter storm warnings are also in effect for southwestern Alberta, where heavy snowfall is anticipated to impact several areas. The hazardous winter conditions are attributed to a passing Nor’easter, a type of North Atlantic cyclone.

As the storm progresses, residents are advised to exercise caution, prepare for deteriorating travel conditions, and stay updated on local weather alerts. Environment Canada continues to monitor the situation closely to provide timely updates and guidance to those in the affected regions.

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