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Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Allegedly Beheading Father and Posting Gruesome YouTube Video



Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Allegedly Beheading Father And Posting Gruesome Youtube Video

A shocking crime has rocked the quiet town of Middletown Township in Pennsylvania, as a man has been arrested for allegedly beheading his own father and live streaming the gruesome act on YouTube. The accused, 32-year-old Justin Mohn, now faces charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and other related offenses, according to local police.

The horrific incident unfolded on Tuesday night when authorities responded to reports of a decapitated body discovered in the victim’s family home on Upper Orchard Drive. The victim, identified as Michael Mohn, was found dead in an upstairs bathroom, covered in blood. His wife, who came home to the nightmarish scene, immediately called the police.

After the shocking discovery, law enforcement officers quickly identified Justin Mohn as the prime suspect. To their horror, they also learned that he had posted a graphic video of the beheading on YouTube before fleeing the scene in his father’s vehicle. The distressing footage gained significant attention, garnering at least 5,000 views before being taken down by YouTube.

The video revealed Justin Mohn wearing gloves and holding his father’s severed head in a plastic bag. He proceeded to make vile accusations and threats, referring to himself as a militia leader and labeling his father a traitor for his 20-year employment as a federal worker. Furthermore, Mohn directed his anger towards President Joe Biden, multiple federal agencies, the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ community, and antifa activists. His extremist rant demonstrated a deeply troubled mindset.

Authorities were able to track down the suspect by pinging his cell phone, leading them to Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County, about 100 miles away from the crime scene. It remains unclear why Justin Mohn was in that particular area at the time of his arrest. Nonetheless, the local community can breathe a little easier knowing that the person of interest has been apprehended.

Justin Mohn was arraigned early Wednesday morning, and he is currently being held without bond. Later today, he will be transferred to the Bucks County Jail. A preliminary hearing for Mohn has been scheduled for February 8 at 9 a.m., where the motive behind this heinous crime will come under scrutiny.

Rachel Adams

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