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Perth Engineer Awarded Prestigious Medal for Humanitarian Efforts in Evacuating Ukrainian Orphans



A Perth alarm engineer, Steven Carr, has been honored by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) with the prestigious Livingstone Medal for his exceptional humanitarian efforts in orchestrating the evacuation of over 50 orphans from the Ukrainian city of Dnipro following the full-scale Russian invasion in 2022.

In an interview with The Courier, Steven expressed his disbelief at being recognized alongside acclaimed personalities such as Annie Lennox and Chris Bonington for his charitable work through the Dnipro Kids organization.

The charity was originally established by Hibernian FC fans during a UEFA match against Dnipropetrovsk in 2005, with Steven founding it after being moved by his visit to a state orphanage in Ukraine.

When the Russian invasion occurred on February 24, 2022, Steven and his volunteers embarked on a mission to safely evacuate groups of young orphans, aged two to 20, from Dnipro to the UK, making them the only cared-for youngsters from Ukraine in the UK.

Despite facing challenges, including obtaining visas and overcoming language barriers, Steven and the charity successfully resettled several families into Perth and continue to support the educational and developmental needs of those still in Ukraine.

Steven’s journey with Dnipro Kids began when Hibernian FC played FC Dnipro in 2005, leading to a series of initiatives dedicated to supporting underprivileged children in Ukraine.

Over the years, the charity evolved to focus on creating lasting memories for the children, organizing trips and excursions throughout the country, even visiting Crimea shortly before its annexation by Russia in 2013.

When the Russian invasion reshaped the landscape in 2022, Steven’s attention turned to evacuating the at-risk orphans, leading to a complex operation that saw 52 children and eight adults safely transported to the UK.

Despite the monumental challenges faced by the displaced children, Steven and his team continue to provide unwavering support, transitioning from organizing occasional trips to full-time care for the young evacuees.

Steven’s dedication was further recognized by a personal letter from then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in August 2022, underscoring the impact of his humanitarian efforts.

As the RSGS plans to present Steven with his medal at a halftime game at Hibs, the community’s ongoing support for Dnipro Kids remains integral to the organization’s success.

Rachel Adams

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