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Ukraine Fends off Russian Drone Attack as War Enters Third Year



Ukraine Fends Off Russian Drone Attack As War Enters Third Year

Ukraine faced a relentless assault on Sunday as Russian forces unleashed 45 drones over the country in a relentless five-and-a-half-hour attack, amid President Volodymyr Zelenskyy‘s ongoing reshuffle of his war cabinet.

The drone barrage included Iranian-made Shahed drones and targeted various regions, with Ukrainian air defense successfully shooting down 40 of these drones, preventing widespread destruction particularly on the outskirts of Kyiv.

The onslaught resulted in one person injured in the Mykolaiv region, igniting a fire and causing damage to residential buildings, while another individual was hurt in Dnipropetrovsk due to falling debris from a downed drone, as reported by regional military administration head Serhiy Lysak.

As part of the military reshuffling, Lt. Gen. Alexander Pavlyuk has taken over as the new commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, succeeding outgoing military chief Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, while other key positions have also been filled with experienced combat commanders.

Ukraine’s strategic advantage through the use of Starlink terminals was put at risk as reports emerged of Russian forces utilizing these terminals, prompting concerns about Ukraine’s military edge.

Despite assurances from SpaceX, the operator of Starlink, that it has no business dealings with the Russian government or military, the potential compromise of this technology could significantly impact Ukraine’s defense strategies in the ongoing conflict.

The escalation in drone attacks and the utilization of advanced technology underscore the challenging dynamics of the conflict, with both Ukraine and Russia facing substantial casualties and infrastructural damage.

Rachel Adams

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