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Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin in Landmark Interview on Ukraine Conflict



Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin In Landmark Interview On Ukraine Conflict

Conservative US media personality Tucker Carlson has conducted a groundbreaking interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussing Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine. This marks the first time since the conflict began that Putin has granted an interview to a Western media outlet. The two-hour long interview, recorded at the Kremlin, delves into the origins of the war, its ongoing developments, and potential resolutions.

In a snowy setting with the Kremlin as the backdrop, Tucker Carlson introduced the pre-recorded interview, highlighting its timeliness. He had falsely claimed that no Western journalist had expressed interest in interviewing Putin since the invasion, a statement refuted by Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, who confirmed numerous interview requests had been received.

The interview serves as a significant achievement for Carlson, who has revived his career after parting ways with Fox News and launching his digital platform, X. It establishes his media company as a major player with the exclusive interview. During the conversation, Carlson advocated for the release of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who stands imprisoned on espionage charges. Putin did not agree to the request, but the interview allowed both parties to benefit.

For Putin, Carlson’s visit comes at a favorable time. His media appearances are carefully orchestrated, and this opportunity enables him to present a controlled narrative amidst stalled US legislation for new military aid to Ukraine. The latest bill, allocating $60 billion in essential funding for Kyiv, faces strong opposition despite progressing in the Senate.

Rachel Adams

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