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Barnaby Joyce Filmed Lying on Canberra Street: Concerns Raised for His Well-Being



Barnaby Joyce Filmed Lying On Canberra Street: Concerns Raised For His Well Being

Former deputy prime minister and Nationals member Barnaby Joyce has sparked concern after being filmed lying on the ground in Canberra late at night. The video, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, shows Joyce lying next to a planter box on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. Witnesses reported seeing Joyce at two functions earlier that night at Parliament House.

In response to the footage, Joyce explained that he had been walking back to his accommodation after Parliament had adjourned at 10 pm. While on a phone call, he sat on the edge of a plant box, lost his balance, and fell over. He continued his conversation on the phone, animatedly referring to his own clumsiness. Joyce mentioned that he got up and walked home after the call, which was reportedly with his wife Vikki Campion.

Former Nationals leader Michael McCormack criticized the person who filmed the incident, questioning why they didn’t offer assistance. He expressed concern for Joyce’s well-being, stating that it was evident he was unwell. Queensland Nationals MP Keith Pitt echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that recording a person in need instead of helping them is a poor reflection on society.

Keith Pitt shared Joyce’s embarrassment over the incident but declined to provide further comments. Vikki Campion, Joyce’s wife, also commented on the situation, recalling a similar incident where Joyce had helped a man in need instead of filming him. Nationals deputy leader Perin Davey expressed relief that Joyce only lost his balance and suffered no serious injuries.

The incident has once again thrust Joyce into the spotlight, adding to the controversies he has faced throughout his political career. From his turbulent personal life to his public clashes with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Joyce’s actions and demeanor continue to make headlines.

Rachel Adams

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