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Roy Keane reveals feuds with former Manchester United teammates



Roy Keane Reveals Feuds With Former Manchester United Teammates

Roy Keane, the legendary former Manchester United player, has opened up about the feuds he had with two of his former teammates during their time at the club. Keane, known for his no-nonsense approach on the pitch, revealed that he had turbulent relationships with Ryan Giggs and Gary Pallister, which lasted for about a year. He disclosed these details during an episode of the Stick to Football podcast sponsored by a renowned brand.

Keane explained that his fallout with Pallister was due to a disagreement that occurred during a night out, stating that they didn’t speak for about 12 months. However, he clarified that Pallister is a good guy, and their disagreement was just a temporary clash between teammates. Keane also revealed that he had a falling out with Giggs when the winger refused to attend a club function, which led them to not speaking for five or six months. Keane emphasized the importance of players doing their part for the club and expressed his irritation towards Giggs’ refusal.

Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane shared the dressing room at Old Trafford for 13 years, during which they won a magnificent seven Premier League titles together. However, their occasional feuds behind the scenes seemed to be inevitable. Gary Neville, another former United player and co-host of the Stick to Football podcast, reminisced about an incident where Keane and Giggs argued with each other for about ten minutes, creating a tense atmosphere in the dressing room.

During the podcast, Jamie Carragher, a football pundit and co-host, shared his opinion on a different topic, asserting that Marcus Rashford was not the saint he was portrayed to be following his recent controversial tequila bender. Carragher felt that the PR surrounding Rashford had inflated his persona, emphasizing that Rashford is just a young lad from Manchester, a talented footballer with some wealth to his name.

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