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Ryan Gosling Forced to Perform High-Stakes Stunts in ‘The Fall Guy’ Movie



Ryan Gosling Forced To Perform High Stakes Stunts In 'the Fall Guy' Movie

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling revealed his daring escapades while filming the upcoming movie ‘The Fall Guy,’ where he was pushed to his physical limits in heart-racing stunts.

The action-packed film, directed by former stuntman David Leitch, serves as a poignant tribute to the unsung heroes of the industry – the stunt performers.

Gosling, known for his charismatic on-screen presence, confessed during an appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘ that he found himself performing adrenaline-pumping stunts he never expected to.

While shooting scenes for ‘The Fall Guy’ in Sydney, Gosling was plunged from a towering 12-story building and zipped across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge on a shovel, dragging along the picturesque backdrop of the city’s waters.

‘They weren’t going to let that happen,’ Gosling remarked humorously, hinting at the insistence of the director and the dedicated stunt team to have him fully immersed in the action.

The crew’s dedication to authenticity led to extraordinary stunts, such as a massive 150-foot fall and a spectacular cannon roll, all captured without the reliance on CGI or green screens.

Producer Kelly McCormick shed light on the sheer scale of the production, boasting a team of 120 skilled stunt performers to bring the heart-stopping sequences to life.

Set to premiere at the renowned South by Southwest Festival, ‘The Fall Guy’ boasts an ensemble cast including the likes of Emily Blunt, Stephanie Hsu, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Winston Duke, and Hannah Waddingham.

Fans of adrenaline-fueled action flicks can mark their calendars for the wider release of ‘The Fall Guy’ on May 3, promising a thrilling cinematic experience that defies the boundaries of conventional filmmaking.

Rachel Adams

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