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Tragic Incident at Kurnell: Two Women Swept off Rocks, Urgent Plea for Ocean Safety



Tragic Incident At Kurnell: Two Women Swept Off Rocks, Urgent Plea For Ocean Safety

Two women have tragically lost their lives in a devastating incident at Kurnell in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney. The heartbreaking event unfolded at Cape Solander, a popular coastal spot, prompting an urgent plea for ocean safety by authorities.

The emergency services sprang into action around 4:30 pm on Monday after receiving reports that three women were swept into the ocean from the rocks. Despite the efforts of one woman managing to climb back onto the rocks with the assistance of bystanders, the other two women were found unconscious in the water.

NSW Police, supported by PolAir and the Toll Helicopter, conducted a search operation to locate and retrieve the women from the ocean. Tragically, despite prompt medical attention from paramedics and a helicopter doctor, the two women could not be revived.

Following the incident, NSW Police initiated an investigation to understand the sequence of events leading to the women being swept off the rocks. While no suspicious circumstances have been identified thus far, the authorities are working towards a thorough examination of the situation. The formal identification of the deceased women is pending, with a coroner’s report to follow.

This tragic occurrence comes on the heels of a similar incident just two weeks prior, where two Nepalese nationals in their 20s drowned after being swept off rocks in the same area of Kurnell. These successive tragedies have underscored the dangers posed by the ocean and rocky coastal terrains.

In response to the recurring incidents, organizations such as the Royal Life Saving Society, Surf Life Saving, and the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter have emphasized the need for public awareness and caution near water bodies. The stretch of coastline near Cape Solander at Kurnell is now identified as a ‘black spot’ for drownings, prompting calls for heightened safety measures and vigilance.

Superintendent Joe McNaulty of NSW Police issued a compelling plea for the public to exercise caution when near the ocean, particularly in areas prone to strong waves and slippery surfaces. The urgency of his message highlights the importance of respecting the water and being mindful of potential risks while enjoying coastal environments.

The tragic loss of the two women at Kurnell has left the community in mourning, shaping a renewed focus on water safety and prevention measures in coastal regions like Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable power of nature and the critical need for vigilance by beachgoers and visitors to coastal landmarks.

Rachel Adams

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